Soho Petro Services is proud to offer you a variety of services to meet your clients’ needs and be their first choice as a service provider. With our personalized customer service, you can be sure to place your trust in us to ensure that we deliver premium services quickly and efficiently.

Sales of Equipment, Material and Products

As a global supplier, we can provide you with an array of sales and procurement services. We strive to provide our clients with high quality pipes, valves and casings from our approved manufacturers.


In collaboration with local partners, we can take care of installing many different types of equipment.

Procurement Service, Supply and Project Management

Soho Petro Services offers a full range of procurement services to ensure that we can fulfill our clients’ requests. These services include but are not limited to:

– Bid evaluation
– Checking/consolidation
– Inquiry/sourcing
– Expediting/storage
– Export documents
– Order placement/tracing
– Packing/marking
– Payment suppliers
– Shipping/transport

Emergency Procurement Service

We also offer emergency procurement services to meet our clients’ most urgent needs.

For example, if advice or valve goes bad, we can help you immediately in getting it repaired.