Soho Petro Services is a premier provider of bulk materials for the Oil & Gas industry. Given a particular focus on quality management, we are proud to supply premium products to our customers. With a wide arrange of products in our multiple storage facilities in Erbil and Dubai, we are able to meet our customer’s demands quickly. By utilizing state of the art technology, we ensure the safety of our operations. Please see our product listing below which includes general information about our products which are procured from API-approved manufactures. We can also fill special requests if you do not find your specific product in our inventory listing.


We can provide your company with a range of industrial chemicals originating from a variety of sources.

Drillpipe and Rig Accessories

All of our drillpipes are manufactured by the leading API-approved manufacturers, in accordance with API 52 Spec 7. We also provide an array of drilling accessories that include but are not limited to: blow out preventers, drill collars, fishing tools, kellys, motors, pumps, shakers.

Electrical Cable & Equipment

We currently carry a wide range of cables that comply with the International standards. This includes fire resistant, flame retardant, low smoke and zero halogen cables.


A filter is designed to separate fluids from suspended particulate matter. It provides a porous material through which liquids or gases can pass. At Soho Petro Services, we can offer your company the best value in filtration products and solutions which are both high quality and cost-effective.

Flanges & Forgings

With a wide range of flanges that adhere to all international standards, we strive to meet our customers’ demands. If you have any non-standard requirements, please contact us directly so that we can work together to find a solution. Our team can work with a variety of manufactures who can specially develop forgings or flanges to your specifications.


Soho Petro Services has a wide variety of fittings that can supply you with solutions to all of your needs. We make sure to stock a range that meets standards such as ANSI/MSS-SP and DIN. However, we can also provide our clients with custom-made fittings.

Gaskets, Seals & Hoses

We currently carry a wide range of stock for gaskets (camprofile, graphite, metal jacketed, PTFE steel lined, spiralwound), seals (PTFE sealing tape), and hoses (bulk, chemical, hydraulic, oil and petrol, steam, air, and water). In addition, we stock couplings, connectors, ring type joints, and accessories.


Soho Petro Services currently carries diesel, gas, prime power, and standby generators to provide you with the right solution to your generator needs.

High Quality Dished Ends

We can make plates into special ends pressings for boiler, tank, or vessel construction.

Instrumentation Equipment

Soho Petro Services can help you put together an instrumentation equipment package from a variety of sizes and materials that will meet your requirements.

Instrumentation Tube Fittings

We can provide you with a variety of instrumentation fittings from different manufacturers in different grades (316, 6Mo, Exotics in Hastelloy C-276, Monel, and Titanium).


We stock an extensive range of pipes according to industry standards. With a variety of shapes and sizes, Soho Petro Services is your global partner for meeting your piping needs.

OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods):

Our tubing, casing and drill pipes are manufactured in accordance with API specification 5CT.


Soho Petro Services can help deliver packages during construction, expansion or maintenance projects.

Plates, Beams & Steels

We can provide our clients with an assortment of plates, beams, and steels.


Soho Petro Services can provide you with an array of pumps such as booster, centrifugal, chemical, dosing, fuel transfer, hydraulic, metering, submersible, vacuum, and water.


Soho Petro Services carries a varied stock of valves in cast, forged, and stainless steel. These include standard valves such as ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe, and Y-type strainers. For non-standard valves, we can assist you with placing a special order.